Alternative Initiative in Georgia

Geo I Deu I Eng

Vision und Concept

Our vision is to create a financial institution in Georgia that gives us the means to participate in the current social developments in Georgia through dedicated and focused financial instruments...



EthicFinance is a registered charitable organization in Georgia.

It is accessible to all interested people who share the same ideals and interest in our goals. We’d be happy to address Georgians living abroad and give them a way of supporting their country of origin in a meaningful way....



The employees of EthicFinance are the foundation of our institute. Their positions are authoritative and will be included in decision-making through open and respectful communication. There’s always the chance to work in an entrepreneurial spirit, personal initiative plays a decisive role for the development of our institute. Our employees’ professional and personal skills serve the institute’s work, and in turn we support a climate of constructiveness and continuing education...




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