Alternative Initiative in Georgia

Geo I Deu I Eng


EthicFinance is a registered charitable organization in Georgia.

It is accessible to all interested people who share the same ideals and interest in our goals. We’d be happy to address Georgians living abroad and give them a way of supporting their country of origin in a meaningful way.

Excerpt from our charter

§2. Goals and tasks of the registered charitable (non-profit) organization EthicFinance:

The charitable registered non-profit organization EthicFinance has the following goals:

Supporting people and organizations whose aim it is to support ethical, ecological and cultural goals for the benefit of the future of our society.

To achieve these goals, the charitable registered organization EthicFinance has the following tasks:

  • Business and legal consulting for enterprises and entities wishing to invest in Georgia,

  • coordination and cooperation with local and foreign investors and entities.

Become a member

You’re interested in joining our organization? Please send an email to Within several days you will receive informational material (charter, membership form) from us.


Our work depends on voluntary support and donations, therefore we are grateful for your help. A donation receipt will be sent to you on request. We guarantee to treat your data confidentially. Information about the work performed by EthicFinance will be sent to you on a regular basis. Information about all projects we are overlooking or sponsoring are also published in the internet.


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