Alternative Initiative in Georgia

Geo I Deu I Eng


Our vision is to create a financial institution in Georgia that gives us the means to participate in the current social developments in Georgia through dedicated and focused financial instruments.

To achieve this, we aim to provide a meeting point for people and organizations whose concern it is to support ethical, ecological and cultural progress in Georgia, thereby creating a forum for personal exchange and joint work, and a place for continuing training and education. This will create a human network supporting social change from a both idealistic and financially sound side.


Our values

Our work is based on respect for life and good-will towards human and cultural development, serving peaceful mutual understanding.

Our activities are meant to preserve human values in a spirit of voluntariness. Where necessary, we want to support and contribute to a healthy, wholesome development of society and the environment. Dealing consciously, individually and responsibly with society and nature is the basis for our work.

Our way of working

The available capital gives us the possibility to financially support people and organizations who are active in the ecological, social or cultural sector. EthicFinance is engaged in the following sectors: biological farming, biological enterprises, arts and culture initiatives, education and training, ecological projects.

Our future

The main concern of EthicFinance’s work is dealing responsibly and sensibly with the available monetary assets. The ethically and ecologically sustainable use of money combines both economic growth and responsible action. Our professional employees guarantee the long-term success of our initiative.

Our partners are people and organizations whose aim it is to support ethical, ecological and cultural goals for the benefit of the future of our society.

By entering obliging, sustainable mutual partnerships, by cooperating in an open dialogue and by showing transparency in our way of working, we create and develop a modern financial institution.


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