Alternative Initiative in Georgia

Geo I Deu I Eng

All projects supported by EthicFinance will be published in detail, in order to help uncover some of the specific problem areas of Georgian civil society at this time.

This open, transparent credit business is a yet uncommon form of handling investments in Georgia. In the traditional credit business, neither the investor nor the investee usually have detailed knowledge of all cash flows related to an investment; moreover, investors may not even know which sector they are actually investing in.

EthicFinance aims at opening the credit business for projects with a public benefit in the sectors we support, on the basis of mutual trust, cooperation and effectiveness.


EthicFinance is an organization aiming for an ethical and ecological investment of financial resources in Georgian society.

We work with people and organizations whose aim it is to support ethical, ecological and cultural goals for the benefit of the future of our society.

Our support and financing commitment covers the following sectors:

  • ecological farming,

  • sustainable industry and manufacturing,

  • culture and arts initiatives,

  • education and training,

  • projects committed to the preservation of our ecological resources and environment.


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